52. Websites

There are two websites connected directly to the HUB, namely Golden Homes and Property24.

All listings are to be loaded onto the Hub together with all their respective information and documentation (if applicable). The Principal or nominated administrator (who would have to have signed the Confidentiality and non-Disclosure document) are the only persons that will be able to activate listings onto the website.

The Principal is to first check the quality of the listings and the photos BEFORE activating them on the website/s. Each Franchisee has 300 listings included in their franchise account. Thereafter each additional listing will cost R30.00 (excl VAT).

Every listing loaded will have an automatic expiry date of 90 days. Thereafter the listing will have to be reactivated by the Principal. This is to avoid the website becoming cluttered and it also aids the Principal as well as SAGH in keeping their own costs in check and not losing money due to expired or obsolete listings.

Any other listing portals that the Principal would like to list (e.g. Private Property) will be for the Franchisee’s own account. The Franchisee is free to enter into any contracts they desire and hereby indemnifies the Franchisor from any involvement or responsibility.

Listings placed onto Property24 will automatically feed on the HUB to P24. P24 rules and regulations will be applicable to all listings placed on their website. The Property 2 listing ID is the same as that for Golden Homes and trying to deactivate and then reactivate the property for better exposure will not work. If any Principal is found guilty of trying to circumvent that rules it could be deemed as a breach of the franchise agreement and the Franchisor reserves the right to take whatever action they deem necessary to prevent any further contraventions.

A Principal will be given training on the system, however, thereafter it will be the Franchisee’s responsibility to train their respective staff members. Any additional training can be requested, however, the expenses incurred by the Franchisor will be billed to the Franchisee.

All training is made available on the HUB and in the admin system.

Banners can be selected which will appear on the listings’ first photo. Featured listings that are activated on P24 will incur a cost of R300 (excl VAT) per month that the property is featured and billed to the Franchisee. This cost will be changed if Property 24’s cost billed to the Franchisor has been increased. All featured properties on the Golden Homes web are not charged, however, each Franchisee has a maximum of four featured listings per month.

Annexure 32 – SAGH IT Policy

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