45. Support and Information Technology (IT) – Overview

All communications relating to the Franchisor and the Franchisee do not form part of the general support system. These queries and issues are handled privately between the two parties via their respective email addresses.

Any verbal communications that have not been agreed to or formulated in an email will not be considered binding on either party as these communications cannot be verified. Only emails and/or formal written notices or agreements will be considered as a valid form of communication.

All orders, IT-related queries, advertising designs, emails, and signatures, etc., are to be communicated through support@goldenhomes.co.za and not to the Franchisor’s direct email.

No agents or employees within the Franchisees’ organisation may request assistance, place an order, etc., until it has first been approved by the Franchisee or its nominated representative. Any nominated representative must have been formally appointed to do so and notification must have been given to and approved by the Franchisor.

We will endeavour to assist you with any IT technological issues within our scope of expertise. Should we not be able to assist you then we will recommend you contact an external IT service provider. We are not an IT Company and our support is limited in this regard.

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