G6. Seller Needs Assessment

Your name


Your spouse’s name


Street Address


Best time to reach you Day Evening Anytime




Tel numbers (land)


Cell Numbers



Is this your primary residence? Yes No How long have you lived here?


Are you a first-time home seller? Yes No Do you have a sale price in mind? Yes No


Are you moving out of the area? Yes No Where would you like to move to?


Why are you wanting to sell?  




How soon do you need to have sold your home? Less than 1 month 1 – 3 months 3 months +


What is the approximate square meter of your home? Baseline calculation

Sqm x 5000


When was your home built? What improvements have you made?


What do you love most about your home?  




Which features do you think may be of concern to buyers?  




How much do you think your home is worth? Do you need assistance finding another home?


Are you currently working with an Estate Agent Yes No Have you had other evaluations done Yes No


Are there any questions you still have? Can we get started?  



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