41. Recognition Awards

Appreciation is a fundamental human need and as such we place great value on recognising the hard work of the agents within our organisation. Praise and recognition are essential to building a fantastic company culture.

As a Franchisee, you are encouraged to adopt your own internal recognition and awards system to encourage and motivate your agents and staff.

From a Franchisor level, we recognise those agents that have attained various levels of achievement, known as our achievement awards. These awards are recognised as follows:

  1. On a trimester basis which then culminates at the year-end awards function: 

The first-trimester achievement is from 1st March to 30th June

The second-trimester achievement is from 1st July to 31st October

The third-trimester achievement is from 1st November to 28th February.

The year-end achievement awards are taken from the achievement of individual agents and franchisees from 1st November to 31st October annually.

(Awards are at the sole discretion of the Franchisor who has the right to change the values and targets as well as the trimesters if or when these awards will take place. These changes will be in line with any market changes or fluctuations.)

  1. The awards are based on the following criteria:


Award Rands Sales in Millions Number of Sales  
Emerald 10 8 – 15  
Sapphire 15 15.5 – 20  
Ruby 20 20.5 – 25  
Diamond 25 25.5 – 30  
Gold 30 30.5 +  

Rand sales are calculated in millions, i.e. Emerald = R10 000 000.00

  1. The number of sales is calculated as follows: 

Every sale that has been listed and sold by a particular agent counts as one point.

Every sale shared with another agent or another agency counts for half a point. The half-point is awarded regardless of the percentage commission received by the agent.

These figures are subject to change depending on the increase of market conditions and will be adjusted as and when necessary.

  1. Sales that do not qualify for incentive: 
  • Referrals do not qualify towards points (i.e. any commission received being 20% or less by agent or company does not qualify towards the incentives. The full point will go to the selling/listing agent/agency where the 80% plus was earned.)
  • Commercial and Industrial sales. These will qualify under Commercial and Industrial. (The incentive for Commercial and Industrial is still to be determined and will be updated once finalised).
  • Farms over R3 000 000.00 (These will qualify under Commercial and Industrial).

NOTE: The above is subject to market conditions and the franchisor has the right to change the frequency of the awards and/or the qualifying amounts to keep in step with market conditions.

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