1. Franchisee Responsibiity – Overview

Our Franchisees are the heart and soul of our business and it is our desire and hope that we in turn are a great benefit to them as a Franchisor. We believe in our Franchisees, and believe they make a difference in the world in which we live.

In developing a relationship with our Franchisees, we desire to help them be passionate about their business and inspire their teams by treating them with dignity and respect. Happy teams lead to happy customers.

Our Franchisees communicate our bold, specific, and consistent vision. Most agents, especially the millennial generation, want more than just a paycheque. They want to feel as though their work has meaning and that their efforts will connect them to the bigger picture of life. In today’s real estate industry, the Millennial generation is arising, and SA Golden Homes is aspiring to be a vehicle through which many of them will realise their dreams.

Few people are moved by the “how” until they know the “why.” The reason why an agent would want to work with Golden Homes includes many benefits, some of which are ongoing support and training, product knowledge and tools, a great team environment, freedom to expand one’s horizons, and the ability to earn good money.

Through the centuries, real estate has always been an industry for entrepreneurs, and our up-and-coming Millennials are waiting for good leaders to help them achieve their dreams.

Our Franchisees are dream makers!

Currently (2019) SA Golden Homes have nine independent franchises. Part of our vision is to train up and establish agents from within our organisation, to grow and ultimately move on toward owning and managing their own independent franchise. A typical franchise zone covers +/- 40 000 residential units.

The benefits of being a Golden Homes Franchise are numerous and varied, including:

  • The independence of small business ownership supported by the benefit of a big business network.
  • You don’t need all the business skills and knowledge necessary to start your own business, as we provide the training you need to operate our Business System.
  • Franchisees have a higher rate of success than small start-up businesses.
  • Smaller start-up fee than that of starting your own brand. There is an immediate buy-in to the Business System, saving you time and money.
  • Easier to obtain finance, should you need it, for your start-up and purchase costs.
  • We have an established reputation and image, proven management and work practices, national advertising, and ongoing support.
  • Our Business System leaves room for you to be creative, while still staying within the brand.
  • We offer stationary and printing at a cost to our Franchisees, giving them a market edge.

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