F10. Identifying the Property

In real estate, an erf is a legal term used to describe a piece of land registered in a deed’s registry as an erf, lot, plot, stand.

Check carefully that the property description does not include “a portion of” or “a portion of or a portion of” as it will result in an amendment to the bond if it was recorded incorrectly.

Every property has an erf description which you would find on the title deeds as well as the local authority rates account. Properties are classified as freehold erf, sectional title, lot, plot, or farm.

It is important to correctly identify which piece of property the seller is selling and that the description is correct. The seller may live in a different property to the one he is selling, and you need to identify the property and the seller respectively. Every property, even sectional title properties, are situated on a piece of land that has been zoned by the local authority through the zoning and subdivisions of land the local authority gives a legal description to that piece of land for future identification. This is then registered in the deed’s registry.

In the mandate, you will see the word erf and a space for the erf and portion numbers, situate in the Township (this is the suburb in which the property is situated), and then situate for the actual street address. This will complete your property identification.

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