54. Facebook and other Social Media

Social Media pages will be created by SAGH and then forwarded to the Franchisee who will become responsible for the use of the pages. SAGH will at all times remain an Admin on any pages created. Should the Franchisee ever leave the Company or their contract be terminated the page/s will remain the property of SAGH.

All social media advertising needs to be promoted on the Golden Homes social media pages and any properties shared with clients, be they buyers or sellers, must be via the Golden Homes website link and not those of our competitors, i.e. Property 24, Private Property, Gumtree, etc.

Any violation of the above, meaning the sharing of listings via any portal other than Golden Homes is considered a material breach of contract and SAGH reserves the rights to take legal action accordingly.

As a franchisee it is your responsibility to market, promote and uphold the branding and integrity of the Company.

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