50. Cloud Storage

All documentation related to your business as a Franchisee will have access to cloud storage through the SAGH portal. This fee is included in the monthly administration fee and will not incur any extra cost to you.

All data stored on the SAGH portal is compliant with South African laws and regulations. Any storage you choose to use outside of the portal is done solely at your own risk and any theft, loss, or damage will be your responsibility. SAGH will not accept any liability outside of its own CRM.

It is imperative that you carry Cyber Crime insurance as part of your business insurance policy. Please speak to your insurance broker in this regard, as SAGH does not enforce the use of their insurer. Should you wish to receive a quote from the SAGH insurer please email your request to support@goldenhomes.co.za and we will send you their details.

The Cloud Storage and usage is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • No data other than that which is relevant to the business of SAGH and its Franchisees may be stored in the Company’s cloud storage facility.
  • No personal data not related to the business of the Franchisee may be stored on the Company’s cloud storage.
  • Franchisees and their employees/agents may not share log-in credentials with co-workers or any persons outside of the Organisation. The IT department will keep a confidential document containing account information for business continuity purposes.
  • The IT manager decides what data may or may not be stored in the Cloud.
  • Personal cloud service accounts, i.e. Google, etc., may not be used for the storage, manipulation, or exchange of company-related communications or company-owned data.

As a Franchisee it is advisable that you monitor what personal information regarding clients your employees/agents are allowed to store on their laptops or personal computers. Any violation of the POPI, FIC, and CPA Acts by an employee/agent within the services of the Franchisees will be the Franchisee’s responsibility.

Once an employee/agent has provided and processed the necessary FICA information required as part of their job description to the administration department within the Franchisees business, they should remove all such information from their personal computer and/or laptops. This is for both their safety and that of the Franchisee and that of SAGH.

The SAGH cloud storage is for business-related storage and no private or personal documentation, photos, etc., is to be uploaded to the SAGH cloud storage facility. The Franchisor reserves the right to remove all items not relating to its business system without notification to the principal and/or agent.

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