42. Branding

The Golden Homes brand is a foundational part of our business as it is our face and identity. Our brand is what separates us from our competitors and is the first representation of who we are to our clients.

The brand creates the perception that a client has when they think or hear the name “Golden Homes.” In today’s market, branding is no longer just a static image. Today, branding is a moving target that evolves with the behaviour of the market. Staying fresh and relevant is crucial to our success and is influenced by the elements, words, and creativity that surrounds it.

The goal is to get our target market to choose us as the sole provider of a solution to their problem or need. Our objectives are to:

  • Clearly deliver our message.
  • Confirm our credibility.
  • Emotionally connect our clients with our service.
  • Motivate our buyers and sellers to transact through us.
  • Create user loyalty.
  • Create loyal employees.
  • Have the brand live in the minds and hearts of our clients.

As stated earlier, the Golden Homes logo is trademarked and the slogan “If it’s gold it’s sold” is registered. When using the trademarks, they should be reproduced accurately and exactly and in accordance with the specifications and directions laid down by the Franchisor. All advertising design should be approved by the Franchisor before going to print.

Advertising design is a service offered by the Franchisor to its Franchisees. Currently, there is no charge for this service. The Franchisor will also assist with obtaining quotes and services from suppliers and offer these at the best price available.

The Franchisor does the following branded items in-house; however, the Franchisee may use the services of other suppliers provided that the branding standard of the Franchisor is not compromised:

  • For sale and sold boards.
  • Showhouse boards.
  • Specially designed boards.
  • Office/billboard signage.
  • Stickers.
  • Magnets.
  • T-shirts/Golf shirts.
  • Pamphlets.
  • Contracts.

A full range of branding supplies together with the price can be requested at support@goldenhomes.co.ca. and will eventually be made available on the HUB system.

Ordering of Stationery and Supplies:

All orders should be processed through support@goldenhomes.co.za or the HUB system.

All orders are subject to a two-week turnaround time, barring unforeseen circumstances.

The Franchisor will endeavour to dispatch orders as soon as possible; however, the Franchisee is to provide for the two-week period and order well in advance.

All postage is for the Franchisees account.

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