S. Commercial Property

Commercial and Industrial is a separate division within the SA Golden Homes organisation with different rules, regulations, and commission percentage. Your principal would either have a separate franchise agreement for commercial and industrial sales and rentals or would have special permission to do so on an ad hock basis.

Retail and industrial properties are both considered to be commercial real estate, as opposed to ‘residential’ real estate. Commercial real estate refers to buildings or land that is intended to generate profit. Industrial and retail are simply sub-categories of commercial real estate.

Industrial property is defined as a property used for the actual manufacturing of something and can be considered either a factory or plant. It is usually zoned for light, medium, or heavy industry. This includes things such as warehouses, garages, distribution centres, etc.

Retail property is a commercially zoned property used solely for business purposes, the actual selling of the product, rather than its manufacture. The retail property includes retail stores, malls, shopping centres and shops all huddling nicely under the retail umbrella.


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